Friday, July 1, 2016

Monash Fairy Tale Salon Meeting

Being on school holidays and without a thesis to write I was able to attend this month's Monash Fairy Tale Salon meeting at Monash Uni. I did wander down memory lane past the Rotunda where lectures on the Paston Letters (now online) took place given by a lecturer who claimed to have the features of a Hobbit (short, hairy, big feet) and liked to bring his own wine cask to tutorials to sip. 
Our discussion about the Australian Fairy Tale  by Carneil raised more questions, and there were some lively divergences:

  • the narrative connection to Alice in Wonderland (Kate falls off a dray- Alice falls down the rabbit hole. Both wake up to find it was a dream)
  • the lost child theme (As a bush child Kate doesn't seem to feel lost.)
  • gender difference. Male fairies epitomize the bushman ethos. Their wives stay home and mend. Suffragette nonsense is not encouraged!

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