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First Draft drafted

A tedious fortnight trying to meet my own imposed deadline of completing my First Draft by our 18th year anniversary. I have done battle with technology to make sure margins are correct size, lines are spaced 1.5 and the fonts are readable and easy for 'tired eyes'. I changed my spacing - that took a whole day. I got seasick twice when I scrolled so fast I became nauseous. Am still perplexed at why everything but the reference list managed to stay within the margins. But, it was 1 am when I was trying to sort out how to fix it and gave up. Note: Will sort before I submit. I have pestered my family to read at an inordinate rate this fortnight: The Librarian and Daughter No 1 have read each chapter as it 'came off the press'  for errant commas and sentences that are sense-less. Daughter No 2 declined and suggested she'd wait to see the 'DVD' of the book.  Holiday now. Off to New York, Washington, Philadelphia and a different kind of blog.